Our Christian values are reflected in our dedication to our clients. Though investing involves risk, choosing an investment advisor shouldn't have to.  We know that our success is measured only by the success of our clients.  Our dedication to client success, as shown through our unwavering commitment to the following values, is reflected in everything we do.


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Integrity - We strive to build client relationships based upon open, honest interaction, the strict adherence to ethical business practices, and the continuous pursuit of service excellence.

Sincere and Attentive Listening - As with any successful relationship, listening is of integral importance.  We believe we serve our clients better simply by listening better.  It is our sincere desire to understand the needs of our clients; listening is the first step.

Confidential Advice - Financial needs are often determined by the changing needs of our clients and their families.  Planning for such needs usually includes the discussion of information that is confidential or sensitive in nature.  For this reason, we adhere to a policy of confidentiality.  View our Privacy Statement

Personal Service - We tailor not only our advice, but also our service, to the unique needs of each client.  From customized investment strategies to personalized planning and communications, we continuously strives to achieve a higher level of personalized service.

Sound, Conservative Investment Practices - We use proven investment practices, based on modern portfolio theory, to build portfolios that provide the greatest potential for return given each investor's tolerance for risk.  See Our Difference for more information.


Our Christian Values lead us along a biblical path to a solid foundation of financial stewardship.

Please read: Our Vision, Mission & Core Financial Planner Values.


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