Our Process

Christian Money Investing ~ How We Work With Our Clients


We can help you analyze your financial situation and assist with determining the best course of action for you.


Assess Your Needs

First, we will identify your investment objectives by asking you about your financial goals. We will also explore such issues as your risk tolerance, your tax situation, your investment time horizon, and whether or not you want to take current income from your portfolio. We help you to determine your goals by:


  • Helping you sort out your priorities
  • Helping you become focused on the top of the goal list
  • Helping you clarify your desired goals
  • Helping you determine the strengths, opportunities, and dangers


Establish A Plan

Next, we will help you develop an investment plan designed to achieve your goals. Included in the plan may be your expected investment returns, your ideal asset mix between stocks and bonds, and the general types of securities that are suitable for you. We help you develop a personalized path to goal attainment by:

  • Identifying your important core value including your feelings and experiences


Implement The Plan

We will be responsible for the day-to-day management of your investment portfolio, choosing individual securities or mutual funds that meet your objectives, and executing trades on your behalf.


Monitor Your Investments

We will watch your portfolio and make adjustments as necessary. In addition to your regular investment account statements, you will also receive periodic updates to tell you how you are doing. We measure and monitor your success along the path by providing answers to:

  • How are you doing?
  • Will you have a comfortable retirement?
  • Will you run out of money?
  • Will taxes consume your children's inheritance?


Defining Your Objectives

The following factors influence the way your investment portfolio is managed:

Risk Tolerance

Risk and return usually go hand in hand. The more you hope to earn, the more risk you must be willing to take.

Time Horizon

How long you plan to leave the money invested will determine your investment strategy. Generally, a long-term strategy is more flexible and may result in more consistent returns.

Income Needs

We will need to know if you plan to draw income from the portfolio.

Tax Situation

We will want to know your tax situation so the tax consequences of transactions can be minimized wherever possible.

Personal Preferences

If you would like to place any restrictions on investments based on your values, such as tobacco, alcohol, or any other concerns, please be sure let us know.



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