Our Difference



In the complex investment world there are so many choices to invest your money in and many types of investment advisors to choose from. As a Christian, how do you know which direction to take and who will be your best guide in choosing investments that support your beliefs? We realize that you are inundated with choices: Stock brokers from large investment firms, advisors from smaller firms, brokers who make their money selling you investment products, or advisors that charge you a monthly management fee. Our hope is that you will talk to us and consider our services.


Our mission is to help our Christian clients and their families attain financial peace of mind. We do this by providing direction with their investments, emotional support during periods of market volatility and sensible investment strategies that help them reach their financial objectives. We offer our clients investment advice not influenced by commissioned sales products and will provide our clients with the finest service available in the Christian financial services industry. We work to retain the confidence and trust of our clients through our total commitment to honesty and integrity. We consistently demonstrate our commitment to professionalism and excellence in everything we do. Our commitment is to provide a sincere, caring attitude toward every client and always place our clients' financial well-being above our own.

We believe our firm offers a refreshing option:  

    • We are a "fee-only" investment management firm, offering advice not influenced by commissioned investment products (ie loaded mutual funds, annuities)
    • The client's assets are held at a discount broker to save the client money.
    • We are a small firm offering personalized investment advice.
    • We take the time to educate our clients so they are informed about their finances.
    • We have a unique screening system for choosing only the best investments.
    • We offer the widest choices of investments available for our clients.
    • We contact our clients periodically keeping them informed on the progress of their accounts.                           


What Makes Us Different?



We have over 40 years of combined experience helping individuals, families, and small businesses plan for their financial needs. Having lived many "financial lives" we know what works and what doesn't. Experience is priceless in a financial arena dominated by investors and advisors who have never seen a recession or a "bear" market.



Our team works together to help clients reach their financial goals. Our fee-only financial advisors actively manage client's accounts and work to maximize performance and minimize their risk exposure.



We are not owned by a bank, a brokerage firm, or insurance company but are completely independent owned.  We make use of no self-produced products and yet we work with the largest financial services companies in the world.  Unlike many financial advisors, we can utilize both no-load and load-waived investments with our clients, meaning that we can paint from a very broad investment palette to meet our clients needs. We utilize Institutional Class shares, which offer extremely low expense ratios, for even our clients of moderate means.


This is a Family Business

Our mission is to care about our clients’ goals as if they were our own. We are a small family business partnered with some of the biggest and strongest financial services companies in the industry. We believe that we can provide you the best of both worlds: financial strength and individualized, personal attention. Our firm offers the antithesis of the cold mega-merged financial services companies building long-term relationships with our clients.


Why choose our Christian financial planning services?

Making the financial decisions necessary to achieve your goals takes knowledge and commitment. It takes the kind of expertise, individual attention, integrity and objectivity you'll find our Christian advisors.

We look at each client as an individual with personal as well as financial goals. Our services are designed to suit each person and their family, without compromise.

We do much more than provide Christian advice. We give you a plan-and the tools-to build your financial success. From investment management to estate, education and retirement and charitable giving planning, we provide expert guidance and the most up-to-date solutions. We offer you options and the knowledge you'll need to make informed decisions about your future.      


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